Back in the Swing of Things (2011): short documentary film about the development of the swing dance community in Bristol

The Cube (2011): co-director and editor of short film on the volunteer-run Cube cinema in Bristol (available here)

Lindy Hop Mécanique (2011): director, camera operator and editor of video dance project on swing dance (available here)

Milna Studios- I want to hold your hand (2011): director and editor of short film promoting social networking app Milna- shortlisted in TED Ads Worth Spreading category (available here)


The Climactirians (2009): director, producer, editor of short documentary film about a band of musicians in Thessaloniki.


Toumpa, the story of the PAOK stadium (2009): director, producer, camera operator, editor of short documentary film about the history of the PAOK football stadium in Thessaloniki, Greece (Audience Award- Student Section, 2nd Nicosia Documentary Film Festival 2009)


Odysses (2009): director, producer, camera operator, editor of short documentary film about the first photographer in Pafos, Cyprus (Official selection, 3rd Nicosia Documentary Film Festival 2010)


When it gets dark (2009): production manager, responsible for pre-production issues and line producer during filming on location at the Pieria mountains, Greece (Best Fiction Film Award, 4th Student Film Festival Crashfest 2009)


Ms. Eirini’s mould (2008): director, guiding the crew and assigning work to actors (Best Feature Film, 3rd Student Film Festival Crashfest 2008)- available here