Senior Lecturer in Digital Media Production, Oxford Brookes University

Module leader:

Creative Skills 2 (BA Level 4 module)

I am currently teaching on Development Studio: Technical (BA Level 5 module) and Final Production Portfolio (BA Level 6 module).

Lecturer in Media Production, School of Media and Performing Arts, Coventry University, June 2017- January 2021


Module leader:

“Creating Impact in Media Production” (BA Level 4 module)

“Key Concepts in Media Production” (BA Level 4 module)


“Documentary Praxis” (BA Level 5 module)


  •  Planning, design and development of module materials with an emphasis on technology-enhanced learning.

  • Contribution to module review by revising teaching, learning and assessment strategies.

I also taught across a range of modules including "Creativity and Criticality", "Contemporary Media Practice", "Final Media Project: Research" and "Final Media Project: Proposal".

Lecturer in Media Production, School of Media and Performing Arts, Coventry University, September 2014- May 2017


“Enhancing Reflective Study Skill: Across Cultural Boundaries”

·    Designed and delivered lectures using tailored approaches for international students and technology-enhanced learning.


“Placing your Media Production in Context” 

·    Collaboratively designed and delivered a lecture on Film Movements and delivered workshops.

“Creating Impact in Media Production” 

·    Delivered workshops using elements of my research on Interactive Documentary.

·    Designed and delivered a lecture on my specialism (Interactive Documentary) with the deployment of digital learning tools. The module also incorporates flipped learning techniques.

·    Designed the Interactive Documentary task of the assessed coursework.


“Research and Development” 

  • Marked students’ A/V proposals, production folders and blogs.


“Key Concepts in Media and Communication”

  • Delivered workshops and marked students’ films and essays.

Lecturer in Media and Communications, School of Media and Performing Arts, Coventry University, October 2014- December 2016


“Analysing Media and Communication”

·    Delivered seminars on Memory, Power and Spectacle in contemporary mediated culture.


“Living in the Digital World 2: Research and Methodology”

  •    Delivered seminars on researching the new digital media and cultural world.


“Media and Cultural Theory”

  • Marked students’ essays.

Lecturer in Mass Communication and Media Arts, Akmi Metropolitan College (International Department of Queen Margaret University), October 2011 - February 2013


“Film and Media I & II”

“Research Methods”

“Academic Writing”


  • Designed and delivered lectures on research and practice within Media and Communications.

  • Marked practical and written coursework.