Journey > Arrival (2020)

The project uses immersive audio technologies to develop new ways of capturing and interpreting the stories of people seeking refuge in Coventry. In partnership with Ludic Rooms and Professor Vicki Squire, the project is funded through the Coventry City of Culture University Partnership scheme.

AR Prison Break (2019)

Part of a team designing the educational “legacy” website providing a toolkit for educators enabling them to produce learning experiences, using AR technology in their own learning spaces. The project won the Digital Fluency and Innovation award at the Coventry Excellence Awards 2019.

The legacy website can be found here.


VR Kaleidoscope (2018)

Designed and delivered (with Steve Dawkins) VR project exploring young people’s understanding of place. The project was funded by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and shortlisted in the “Creating Better Futures” category at the CU Excellence Awards.


Disruptive Media Learning Lab (2017)

Provided guidance and expertise for the development of pilot Interactive Documentary aiming to explore the impact of creative pedagogy in teaching and learning for cross-disciplinary learning.


Positive Youth Foundation (2015)

Designed and delivered Interactive Documentary training to groups of young people incorporating Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker.


Knowle West Media Centre (2014)

Designed and delivered Interactive Documentary training to a group of young media producers in the context of the project Visible You. The project resulted in the interactive documentary The Glowing Divide.

Image by Beck Stewart